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Bedtime Surprise

Wyatt, our first grader, has made the turn and dived headlong into reading. Most nights, we let him and Seth grab a book or two – and a flashlight – to take to bed. Tonight, I was pretty surprised when Wyatt pulled Holy Curiosity off the shelf. While walking back to his room, book in hand, Wyatt said, “Daddy, I like reading your books.”

A few minutes ago, I overheard Wyatt reading the dedication, out loud: To Wyatt and Seth…I pray you always have the courage to ask true questions; and I pray your heart is bold and patient to listen for God’s reply.

Hearing my six-year-old son read those words … it doesn’t get any better.

3 thoughts on “Bedtime Surprise

  1. wow. i just teared up at that…

    and i am incredibly impressed with seth’s recent run- that’s an amazing feat.

    i miss messing up your boys’ hair as they enter church on sunday mornings 🙂

  2. chocking back heaving sweet tears

  3. great tears.
    otherwise speechless.

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