Caption of the Week

In case you missed the story, this was Khadafi at the UN this week, who turned a 15 minute time slot into a 93 minute mostly-unintelligible tirade. Not that we need it, but this picture is dying for a witty caption. Whatcha got?

If we get good participation, maybe we’ll make this a regular installment.

5 responses to Caption of the Week

  1. Caption: "Good Lord, why couldn't Clinton's bombing in '86 have been more accurate?"

  2. Here are two that were posted on my facebook link:

    Ken Edwards: I should have brought my ipod

    Tony Ferguson: "Where's Kanye West when we really need him?"

  3. from Johnny Douglas:

    CAPTION "Could someone just power-spray the green marble and that would also take care of the sound too!"


  4. I think it was Ronald Reagan that bombed Libya in 1986. Bill Clinton was still governor of Arkansas at that time.

  5. ashley nicole jones October 13, 2009 at 10:10 pm

    Too bad the pitcher of water is half empty… and not made of metal. Accidents happen…

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