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Caption of the Week

In case you missed the story, this was Khadafi at the UN this week, who turned a 15 minute time slot into a 93 minute mostly-unintelligible tirade. Not that we need it, but this picture is dying for a witty caption. Whatcha got?

If we get good participation, maybe we’ll make this a regular installment.

5 thoughts on “Caption of the Week

  1. Caption: "Good Lord, why couldn't Clinton's bombing in '86 have been more accurate?"

  2. Here are two that were posted on my facebook link:

    Ken Edwards: I should have brought my ipod

    Tony Ferguson: "Where's Kanye West when we really need him?"

  3. from Johnny Douglas:

    CAPTION "Could someone just power-spray the green marble and that would also take care of the sound too!"


  4. I think it was Ronald Reagan that bombed Libya in 1986. Bill Clinton was still governor of Arkansas at that time.

  5. Too bad the pitcher of water is half empty… and not made of metal. Accidents happen…

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