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Holy Curiosity Jumps the Pond

It usually take a bit for a book to cycle into the international market. Apparently Holy Curiosity has begun to make its way. Two weeks ago, I did an interview with Premier Radio in the UK – and this month a very kind review landed in Christianity Magazine, a British periodical.

Also, in other international news, this week I’m in the middle of a three week stint where I am doing six 15 – 20 minute interviews for Open House, a weekly radio program airing on 300 stations with 600,000 listeners. Mainly, though, it’s just fun talking to a thoughtful guy with a really cool accent. I’ll post later when the interview audio is available.

3 thoughts on “Holy Curiosity Jumps the Pond

  1. WC,
    Fish the pond where the fish are bitin’.

    Glad to hear the news about HC.


  2. Enjoyed the book myself Winn. Congrats.

  3. Congratulations! This is awesome!

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