Still Time for a Free Copy of N.T. Wright’s Easter Book

We’re having a book discussion during Easter. Jump on board.

And…if by Monday 10 of you let me know you are participating via a comment here or on the previous post, then we’ll have a drawing for a free copy. If 15 jump on by Monday, two people will get a free copy.

Look for winners Monday in the comment section.

8 Replies to “Still Time for a Free Copy of N.T. Wright’s Easter Book”

  1. Dayna, we will discuss the first chapter the first Monday of Easter.

    So, we have 10 now, only a few more to give away 2 copies.

  2. I know, I can't believe you haven't had more comments either! We are pursuing a couple of different avenues to make this season much more meaningful, would be very interested in reading this book.

  3. Winn, I would love to join in, but my crazy reading list leaves no room this season. Maybe towards the end of the easter season (once my semester is over) I can jump on board.

  4. Andrew and Tmamome: you both have a copy of _The Challenge of Easter_ headed your way.

    Please send me your address (winn [at] and I'll shoot it off to you.

    Make sure to join in with us on the discussion.

    All: we will read the first chapter for the first Monday of Easter (April 5th). Then we will convene here and see what stirs.

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