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Symbols Matter

Symbols really do matter.

I’m off in the morning for a quick but full trip to Boston, one of the cities I just can’t believe I’ve never visited. I’m eager to see beantown. On Tuesday, I’ll be attending a N.T. Wright conference, which reminds me that I never followed through on my promise to blog about my interview with Wright. I’ll do a blog all-things Wright when I get back. Hold me to it.

5 thoughts on “Symbols Matter

  1. Amen. Ideas (and the symbols that represent them) matter.

    Since I’ve become a deeply entrenched kingdom theologian, a budding New Testament scholar, and a member of an Anglican church (and I’m still a member of the Winn Collier fan club), I look forward to the all things Wright blog post.

  2. why do important men always cross their legs?

  3. hmmm…I don’t cross my legs. What are you saying?

  4. Hey Winn,

    Enjoy the conference. And, happy birthday!

  5. friendly Wright reminder

words have a way of making friends. drop a few here.