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So…I’ve finally tilted into Twitter. A few of my friends hit it like crazy, but I’ve resisted. Twitter seems like it has the potential to be the Jolt Cola of technology – and that I don’t need. However, I’ve also seen potential for added relational connections.

If you Twitter, why? Sell me on its value.

Oh – and you can connect with me on Twitter here.

5 thoughts on “Twitter

  1. I’d also really like to know the reasons to do it. I’m not sold – not even close.

  2. Haha me neither. I think I hear Rob coming…

  3. Noooooooo!!! [falls off cliff]

  4. Wow. These are some strong reactions. Jared: tell me more.

  5. Here is a good post/experiment by someone you may know, Dustin Willis.

    Definitely something to think about. Personally, I think Twitter is a waste of time. 🙂

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