Advent Hope #adventpicaday

Jeromie Rand.FrozenIt’s been said, at least a time or two, that a picture’s worth a thousand words. I buy it. But, as any son longing for home or any mother listening for love will tell you – it’s also true that sometimes a word’s worth a thousand pictures.

Bottom line: Pictures matter. Words matter. Love matters. Hope matters. A kiss under the moonlight matters. Tucking your boys in at night matters. It all matters.

But we’ll soon be moving into Advent, and the quiet, watchful Advent days are days particularly keen on opening up tired eyes and adding a twinkle when you don’t see it coming. Last year, a few of us helped one another pay attention, to see the days before us, by snapping a picture that spoke of Advent mercies. I figured why not go for it again.

Here’s how it works. This year’s theme will be hope. We’re watching for signs of hope, for things that give us hope – and also for the places we pray hope will arrive. As many days of Advent as you’re able (and please, let this be easy, no pressure or discipline or any such thing – this is Advent, mercy-time, for crying out loud), snap a photo (like the one above – Jeromie Rand gave us this one last year) and post it on Instagram with #adventpicaday in the caption field. That way, we’ll all see what you see.

It is this joyful expectation of God’s coming that offers vitality to our lives. The expectation of the fulfillment of God’s promises to us is what allows us to pay full attention to the road on which we are walking. {Henri Nouwen}

Now that’s hope.

4th Wednesday of Advent

My apologies for forgetting to include three yesterday, our addition for this final week of advent. Here we are, three to ponder:

Stern (Star) / shannon hayes
Watching for Light / suzanne aultman
Making Light / cathy monetti

Gift {4th Monday of Advent}

Last night at All Souls, our community surprised us with a poem they had written, expressing what All Souls means for them and has become for them. They had our leaders come to the front, as people stood one at a time reading line by line. It’s a powerful gift to stand there and receive words of deep life. It was a beautiful thing. We live within a beautiful community.

On this journey of life 
Between suffering and glory 
Between salvation and resurrection 
Between ruin and redemption 
Our souls need a resting place 

A gathering space to witness the mystery of transformation 
A place to be enveloped by the warm care of community 
when we are wearied by winter 
So take off your shoes, for you are standing on sacred ground 
God has built us a house of healing
 from the holy rubble of our lives
It is here that we will be encouraged and refreshed 
It is here that our doubt and despair can be destroyed 
by love and desire 

So come, we are eagerly awaiting your arrival 
The welcome mat has been rolled out 
And the door lies open for travellers worn from the road 
In the name of Jesus, we say “Welcome Home” 

It is spacious here 
There is enough room at the table for you 
Love is freely offered in the breaking of bread 
and passing of the cup 

If you hunger 
Come sup with us 
And you will feast on hope, freedom and authenticity 

If you thirst 
Have a drink with us 
And be warmed, awakened and inspired 

We will help you hear the voice of Jesus 
Bloom into the real you
And find hospitality, restoration and shalom 
And take the peace of Christ 
For you do not have to walk alone 

Be known 
Be understood 
Be listened to 
Be artful 
Be open 
Be free 
Be beautiful 
Be warmed and filled 
And take off your shoes 

But, most of all 
Be at home 
For this place has been set aside for us 
The fire has been prepared 
And it is burning with great anticipation 
Eagerly awaiting the arrival 
Your Soul 
All Souls


Here are pictures from yesterday’s #adventpicaday. Let’s do three this final week. That will be the photographer’s gift to the rest of us.

Untitled / labtrout

Untitled / marvelissa

Flickering to Life / worth wheeler