Am I a Dinosaur?

I don’t do Twitter. I don’t get it. (I’m open for explanations that cause me to see the light)

Text messaging – I don’t really dig that either. I don’t know; do I really need to be that connected, all the time, forever, at every instant? (maybe if I had an iPhone, I would see the world differently)

Does this make me a technological dinosaur? Have I now finally become my mom who is still holding out to see if email becomes more than a fad?

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  1. Seriously. Why does twitter all of a sudden have a good connotation?

    Twitter (v) – to talk lightly and rapidly, esp. of trivial matters; chatter.

    just a thought…But I am with you Winn. I don’t have a facebook page and I only use myspace to keep up with musician friends. (I also don’t own an iphone.)That said, I think there is a difference between being a dinosaur for the sake of being true to self and being a dinosaur for the sake of being a dinosaur. At least you have a blog!

  2. …ah, the “joys” of our age trying to fit into the “latest” of the age. 🙂

    …between blogging, Facebook, email, and the cell phone, that’s about it for me

    …(smiling here) I do remember being raised in Oregon with a party-phone line

    …our ring? two shorts and a long!!

    …as a kid there was great joy in hearing one of the neighbor’s ring and lifting the receiver ever so carefully to see if one could listen in to the “dirt” up he road without being detected

    …now that was technological adventure!

  3. Winn, I myself am a technological giant among men. I’m so cutting edge I’m bleeding edge, and I’m so ahead of the curve that I don’t just use technology people haven’t heard of yet – I design it.

    And I don’t use twitter or text messaging.

    So you’re good.

  4. Text messaging has its definite uses. I hate to talk on the phone because, without visual feedback, I feel very awkward and often misunderstood. With texts I can make sure that what I’m saying is succinct and unlikely to be misinterpreted.

    I’m pretty sure that through very simple and straightforward permutations twitter can be made to spell out “666.”

  5. Winn.. you’re not a dinosaur. Just someone who appreciates the use of technology without being a slave to it. I have to say, iPhones are awesome, and you don’t need to text because you can email. But ultimately, I still have to put it down and walk away, otherwise I’d be stuck to it forever.

  6. Keep your cajones, Winn. The world needs some young religious humanist cranks. I’m now looking into something called “contact lenses” which can, apparently, replace my spectacles. But they’ll have to pry my cold, dead fingers from my AM radio…

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