Blessing on You {a hillside sermon}

A pastor was born to bless – this I believe. It is only right that we conclude our meditations on Jesus’ blessing by receiving one for ourselves. I offer this blessing to you – just passing along Jesus’ mercy.

To you who are empty,
may Jesus’ love fill you, overflowing
To you who are in misery,
may Jesus’ kindness be your balm
To you who are alone,
may Jesus provide you rich friendship
To  you who are sick,
may Jesus be your healing
To you who are running,
may Jesus catch you
To you who are cynical,
may Jesus surprise you 
To you who are sorrowful,
may Jesus grieve with you
To you who are blue,
may Jesus laugh with you
To you who are joyful,
may you know the One who gives you joy
And to all of us, whatever and wherever we are,
May the One who is life fill us with life
In the name of 
The Father
The Son
and the Spirit.

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