“From Jesus’ fulness,” says St. John, “we have all received, grace upon grace.”┬áThe truth of our world is abundance and plenty. Lies produce scarcity, miserliness and greed.

On December 26th, we set out on our Northern trek to visit my sister and her family in Michigan. As we backed out the driveway, flurries hit the windshield, and it occurred to me (with Miska’s help) that I had failed to check the weather. It turns out we were driving directly into an East Coast blizzard – meteorologists had christened the storm with a name for crying out loud. 7 hours yielded 113 miles, and we gave up in Pittsburgh with plans to regroup for a second go the next morning.

Somewhere during these travels (or was it during our 2 hour dead stop on I-70 while 4 tractor trailers were hauled off the guardrail and out of the ditch), our two boys entered a protracted dispute carrying financial implications. Miska halted the melee, insisted on their attention and said, “Guys, the only question you need to ask is this: right now, this moment, do I have enough?

Do I have enough? Enough love for the hour? Enough dollars for the day? Enough hope for the next stretch?

When we believe we are okay, that our life is in God’s hands and that truly, in the end, all will be well – then we are able to unclinch our fists and live God’s generosity toward others.

This past year, my hope has been to grow more profuse with my energy and money and time, more large-hearted. I’ve been given multiple opportunities to stretch into this way of living. On several occasions, I’ve blown it magnanimously; but I’ve also shined in a few places too. Even these reviews of glories and blunders teach us, for generosity always includes being generous with yourself.

4 Replies to “Enough”

  1. I’ve been thinking a lot about scarcity and abundance this past year. Once when I was fretting over whether I had “enough” to make food for friends every week, God stopped me mid-step in our dining room where I saw the HUGE pile of left-overs I’d swept up from beneath the twins’ high chairs. It was as though God was right there, whispering in my ear, “You literally gather up baskets of leftovers EVERY DAY, so quite hoarding those loaves and fishes – we’ve got a crowd to feed!”

  2. That has got to be the perfect question to ask – anywhere, anytime. Thanks for this – as always, Winn, I am blessed in this space.

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