Friends in the Neighborhood

I think the future God has in mind includes all my friends living in the same neighborhood, within a few blocks. And we all have big front porches. Evening walks are the highlight of the day, and you always know one of those porches is where you’ll end up when your soul is heavy or you’re carrying a story you need to unload or your heart needs laughter – or when you need to blow off steam because you’ve had all you can take of the numskulls.

I really don’t have the foggiest idea how our joyful end will shake out, but I’m betting all my marbles that it’s at least as good as this.

4 Replies to “Friends in the Neighborhood”

  1. I love that picture, Winn…I’ll drive my ice cream truck around about dusk, you’ll hear me coming because of the music, and you and all our friends can step off the porches and say ‘well its about damn time’ and everybody can stand around eating fudgesicles and ice cream sandwiches and pushups and those red/white/blue bomb pops…yes, I love that picture.

    1. Make sure you have an entire crate of the cones with chocolate and nuts on the top. I’ll binge on those. And I sure hope you wear the old ice cream truck men outfit, the white one including the hat.

  2. I have a friend who lives in Tasmania. I live in Michigan. We often talk about being next door neighbors in heaven. I hope that John Blase brings his ice cream truck to our cul-de-sac, too!

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