Go Looking for It

Joy will surprise you, sneak up on you like a quick-hit kiss. I’m thankful joy comes when we least expect it, when we least deserve it. Some of us tilt toward the sour side, and we need a disruptive shock of laughter or foolishness to punch us in the seat of the pants. Having two boys is good for this. Well, sometimes — let’s be honest.

That said, being surprised is not enough. We need to look for joy, scout it out. I say it’s good to be greedy on this score. The more joy you receive, the more you can give away. And God knows we need more joy in this world.

4 Replies to “Go Looking for It”

  1. I believe Chesterton's Orthodoxy concludes with lines hinting at God's mirth (joy)…we've always said God is love and that's fair, but what if we started saying God is joy?

    I hope you get quick-hit w/some this day…

  2. yeah, and he talked about laughter too, Jesus' laughter. I liked that. I got a hit or two, looking for a bit more. Greedy…

    BTW, how 'bout those typo-os? Fixed 'em, but apparently my post was too much of a quick-hit.

  3. Amen to joy. I often get caught up in the weight of the world (particularly of late) or the weight of the text, but I wonder if God wants me caught up in the weightlessness of joy.

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