Maundy Thursday

We have turned toward Easter. We have been amid this week of holy things, whether we’ve noticed or not. (And it has been strange for me this Holy Week, good because we’ve done about the holiest thing I know – the Collier clan has been laughing and eating and reading and digging in the sand and soaking in the sun, together. Strange, however, because we have not been with our Christian community during this most sacred of times.) In this final stretch, the stretch between Maundy Thursday and Resurrection Sunday, we experience an intense collision.

Darkness breaks against Light.

Quiet shatters with Laughter.

Fasting goes drunk with Feasting.

Death destroyed by Life.

Everything that needs redeeming (we could have just said everything) erupts with Easter.

In these remaining hours until Easter bursts upon us, may you experience all the collisions and the paradoxes and the hope and humility of having Jesus take you by surprise.

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  1. Especially missing you guys during this season… wishing we could be sitting in this time of waiting, darkness, and celebration together.

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