Mulberry Trees

Sam walks our neighborhood patiently. A retired photographer, he always catches the frame and the glint, but only sometimes with a lens.

This morning, Sam strolled with his chocolate lab Dexter. I found myself in a conversation. When Sam’s making his rounds, it’s inevitable that you will share words. I asked Sam what he likes about this path, this place. I’ve found different ways to ask him this same question a hundred times. I ask regularly because on each occasion I receive an answer suited to that one hour.

“What do you love about our neighborhood, Sam?”

“Today,” and he paused, grin breaking. “Today, I love the mulberry trees that line the road and feed me as I walk my dog.”

I like a man who eats wild berries. I like a man so filled with life’s fresh, daily wonder that he can only think of the most recently plucked fruit.

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