On the Second Day of Christmas…

The boys like pallets on the floor
during the holidays

Seth and our dog Daisy went running with me this morning. Seth wanted to bring along his pack of Mentos that arrived in his Christmas stocking. He thought he might need a snack. Seth wore his Clemson jersey, and we hit the pavement. We walked as much as we ran, which is alright with me – you can talk more with a slow pace. When we reached the spot where, when I’m running alone, I begin to pray for my sons, I told him. And I told him what I pray for each of them. We walked that road that has become hallowed ground. I love that boy.

When we returned, it was Wyatt-time. Wyatt had his big Christmas gift, a Lego Kingdoms set, scattered across his floor. I built a castle tower while he constructed a tower and a wall and another tower and sundry other expression of medieval architecture. Wyatt paused his rapid focus only for the several occasions when he felt the urge to comment on how painfully slow my single tower was coming. Wyatt’s decided he’s into rap, God help us; and so for Christmas I searched around for a rapper with appropriate lyrics. We listened to rapper Lecrae and stacked Legos, a strange combo that somehow works. Those moments are prayers, and those spaces are absolutely hallowed ground. I love that boy.

Tonight, I pulled the boys close and told them a story of Prince Calyn who was courageous and strong and true but who, if he would only have listened to Merlin, would have been wiser. But Calyn’s young, and goofing up is the way we actually learn wisdom — there’s plenty of time, plenty of time. Seth lay next to me, nodding off. After The End, Wyatt said, “That story’s alright, but you know…” He makes a tough crowd, but I’ll keep trying. If I want to tell good stories for anyone, it’s these two. Those moments are prayers, and those spaces hallowed ground. I love those boys, I do.

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  1. I've been on some "hollowed ground" with my son a lot lately. He's at that age where so many things are still new and he's also starting to see how things work a little more. It doesn't take much to make him happy or sad. I wonder if God says these types of things about us,His sons…

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