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If you are near C’ville (or if you’re up for a road trip), Holy Curiosity will release @ New Dominion Bookshop Thursday night, October 16th @ 6.00 p.m. We’ll have a reading, some Q and A and a signing. Maybe Seth will dance for us if he gets amped up. New Dominion is on the downtown mall. Just come and look for the party.

For the rest of us, I will post here as soon as the book is available on Amazon – it will be a huge help if a mass of people purchase the book within a few days. I’d love to nudge past some of the 1980’s chemistry textbooks in the sales rankings…

And, a while back, we had a small contest to give-away four early galley copies of the book. Melissa Hansen snagged one of them, and here are her kind remarks:

What an amazing gift to be able to hear a speaker’s and a writer’s voice develop. Winn is a dear friend and shepherd and it has truly been my privilege to hear his voice grow, change, and deepen as his own journey has taken him to new places.

Holy Curiosity, in my opinion, is hearing his writer’s voice at a new level. With the ending of each chapter, I longed to continue reading, to hear more of his heart and what he would say, entwined with the questions of the Christ. If I have any complaint about the book, it is that it was too short. I wanted to continue to hear more of what Winn would say in his Winn-way with his redeemed heart discussing Jesus’ questions.

It was also interesting for me to read Holy Curiosity because I had been a part of the community where Winn first began to explore Jesus’ questions in a sermon series. I enjoyed the series, but I enjoyed reading Holy Curiosity much more. Perhaps the difference is that the ideas were taken to the next level, or perhaps the fact that I was alone with the book rather than in a community of listeners. But no matter what, I found that my own experience echoed in the characters of Scripture to whom Jesus asked these profound, soul-searching questions. I found my struggles, heartache, sin, and searching in Christ’s questions and I also found something of who God is forming me to be (and has been forming me to be) in the encounters Winn explores. It was a profound experience when I would allow Christ to speak through words he spoke long ago in a very different context.

Holy Curiosity will be a book I will re-read and which will shape my understanding and knowledge of who Christ is and His loving approach toward others as well as myself. I hope you also find truth and life in Winn’s words as he echoes the heart of Christ toward humanity. I know if you take your time and allow the words to speak to you, they will speak, and Jesus’ questions from hundreds and hundreds of years ago, will touch your soul in ways you never imagined.

Thank you, Winn. What a privilege to hear your voice again.

{another response went out to the facebook group and more will follow – join us over there…if you’re curious}

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