Sermon Born of Cold

The 12º chill did not stop him, though if he had even a lick of sense, it would have. The run was long and frigid, and the hot shower and hot coffee could not wrest the cold from his bones. Still, these were the hours he’d been given for writing his sermon, the words he listened for each week, the words that sometimes arrived as a slow burn but sometimes limped in with hat in hand, apologetic for their plainness.

So he settled by the fire, with his grandmother’s worn, patchwork quilt. He watched the flicker and curled his toes toward the warmth. Whatever comes will come. And it will all be a gift.

5 Replies to “Sermon Born of Cold”

  1. I’ve seen this title for the past few days, on FB, in my email inbox, on the blog, and each time I’ve read it as Sermon born of Gold. Only today did I realize it said Cold. Which makes more sense… and yet I think Gold may merit some pondering.

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