The Lingering God

I wonder if you’ve met this God St. Francis knows. A God who isn’t tapping his fingers, asking you to hurry it up. A God who lingers, who kneels, who adores. A God who is prejudiced in your favor.

I think God might be a little prejudiced.
For once He asked me to join Him on a walk 
through this world,

and we gazed into every heart on this earth,
and I noticed He lingered a bit longer
before any face that was

and before any eyes that were

And sometimes when we passed 
a soul in worship

God too would kneel

I have come to learn: God
adores His
                                                                             {St. Francis of Assisi}

6 Replies to “The Lingering God”

  1. I love this. Thank you for sharing! It's nice to be reminded that we are adored as God's creation and even to remember that the things that may not be significant to us are significant to God.

    I really enjoy reading your writing, Winn. I think many times God speaks through your writing to touch others. Thank you.

  2. Our pastor has preached over Christmas on "favored" being the optimal word for how God views us, not the overused blessed. He points to the translation of the Magnificat to Mary. I like it.

  3. I like favored, Scott, good word. I like blessed too, particularly in the act of blessing – but favored is mighty fine.

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