A few nights ago, Wyatt shared his latest ambition. “I’m going to be like Justin Bieber and make a singing video and put it on the internet and become famous.” We aim high in our house. I smiled and told him to start practicing. As I left his room, Wyatt added, “Hello, Youtube.”

Of course, Wyatt has already moved on to other visions. Last night, he described his future dream house with rooms for 1,000 cats, a cheetah and a machine that popped out any and every food imaginable, with the mere wave of a hand over a sensor. If I recall, there was even a go-cart track in this house somewhere.

My suspicion is that Wyatt will not go the way of Bieber and will most likely never herd 1,000 cats (mercy upon us). But he will sing a song. He will love creatures in this world. These places where his imagination wanders (wonders) offer clues to the contours of his heart. Wyatt enters fourth grade this year, and the conversations we’re having carry a new tone. He’s seeing things. He’s listening. He’s watching. I’m listening and watching too.

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  1. I love this line,"These places where his imagination wanders offer clues to the contours of his heart", I still have some imaginations and ideas that rival what we believe is possible or real.I'm sure you do too. It seems that God does also. He imagines things that are way beyond our ability to comprehend. Wyatt's dream of stardom or cat-herding is probably related to a gift you gave him,perhaps without your knowledge. It's something parents pass on to their children. It's something fathers pass on to sons. It's something God passed on to us. We have the ability to dream and create these stories that show the contents and contours of our heart.Wyatt had a vision for a "Beiber" experience. God had a vision of redeeming a lost,scraggly,rambling,bumbling guy like me.That dream truly shows his heart.

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