Be loved. Be brave.

This morning around the breakfast table, we opened our box of question cards. Each person receives a card, and each person answers a question. Seth’s card asked him to state our family motto. Because Seth takes such things seriously, he needed time to consider and asked us to return to him. Midway into the next person’s question, Seth’s hands shot up, and he blurted out, “I know it! Be loved. Be brave.”

You wonder if your knucklehead parenting has done anything more than make plain as day your woeful inadequacies, if anything you have said or done has even begun to break through. And then, over sourdough and oatmeal, your son says Be loved. Be brave.

That gets at the soul of it. If the boys know they are loved, and if they hear the call to courage, I believe we’ve covered the bases.

I hope these words for each of us. As far as mottos go, we could do a lot worse.

Be loved. Be still and know that you are loved. Receive love when it’s offered – and watch for it because it will be. I know anger and meanness will swing your way, but I promise you that love will come too. Hear love in the wind. Look for love in the common kindness of a friend. But the most difficult part, as I’ve come to see it, is to let love reach us. It’s a scary thing to live awake and open.

Be brave. The temptation will be to back up or quiet down. To pull in. But we need good, solid people who will live the one life only they can live. And live it in technicolor, with an audacity that makes it impossible for the rest of us not to marvel at the goodness of it all.

Be loved. Be brave.

12 Replies to “Be loved. Be brave.”

  1. I can’t find a word in this whole block of goodness I don’t want to just munch down on, savor and ingest. Good good stuff, friend. Echoes my heart these day… the banner the banner and no more creaking gates and clanging cymbols. (sp) love this. These breakthrough feedback moments we get….ah they validate this parenting gig.

  2. This is a beautiful motto. I will make it my own as well. Thank you – and please thank Seth. He cheered my heart today.

    1. seth will be happy to hear that the love is spreading. This evening he said he wanted to add another line: “Give hugs.”

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