Bright Eyes

Perhaps you are in a lonely place today. Perhaps your heart is heavy or burdened. Perhaps God seems only a faint hope. Perhaps a sorrowful memory or a mirky future press your soul. Perhaps you’ve begun to believe that no one truly sees, that this is the final word.

For you, dear friends, St. John of Kronstadt has a vital word:

When you are praying alone, and your spirit is dejected…remember then that God the Trinity looks upon you with eyes brighter than the sun.

Eyes brighter than the sun. Eyes of attentive love. Eyes on you.

4 Replies to “Bright Eyes”

  1. Somehow, that word, “Trinity,” leaps off the screen, giving new meaning to never alone. Surrounded by all three parts of the God-head.

    1. you’re welcome, Rachel. I’m betting you have all kinds of bright, attentive, loving eyes on you these days…

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