Another giant falls in the forest.

I’m thinking of Eugene and Frederick, the two of them sitting at the same time in the pews at Madison Ave Presbyterian in Manhattan’s Upper East Side, young and open to the world and wild, not knowing each other but both having their profound encounter with grace via the lyric and power of George Buttrick’s preaching. Who could have known how the words would flow, how they’d evoke such wonder in us, such hope, such yearning for a life faithful and beautiful and good.

I hope they are sharing quite a view and a bourbon together now, if it works that way. And I hope that Eugene and Frederick know how much they’ve meant to us, how many of us felt the dark fall back a little when we encountered something so marvelous and simple as a sentence, a string of hearty words put to true use. Can you really open a whole world or put salve to a deep, ancient wound with only one clear, heart-wrenching line? I hope they know how many of us felt less alone and more emboldened and more alive in God because of how they helped us to see and hear and stand in awe.

Frederick, you told us that beautiful and terrible things would happen — but you also told us, “Don’t be afraid.” We’re trying. We really are.

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  1. Wonderful to read and know this about both sitting under George Buttrick. I had the privilege of studying under Buttrick at seminary years ago. I am in a great cloud of witnesses indeed. Thank you Winn for your good words always!

  2. Winn, I always enjoy reading your stories. You can experience what you are talking about. I have not heard George B. or Frederick speak
    , or seen their written words, but I know they were great, because you experienced them and told us about them.
    So good to read your words of Eugene, Frederick, and George. I know they were grand men of God just because I know you.
    Always dwelling in God’s love,
    Jean Grogan

  3. Thanks Winn. I didn’t know about him . Now I will look him up and learn about his life and love for Jesus Christ our Awesome Savior.

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