Collier Men

Miska is away to Richmond Hill for a short retreat, which means the Collier house is all men all the time.

Here is a short schedule:
(1) A game of UNO with our shirts off (Wyatt’s request)

(2) Wacky photo session (view to the left)

(3) The boys making their first blog entries:

Wyatt: Don’t be dumb. Be cool!
Seth: My dad rocks!! (with only minor coaching)

And up next:

(4) Guy’s movie – I thought it was going to be Rocky, but I was outvoted – Eragon

(5) Playing with power tools (a power washer to be exact)

2 Replies to “Collier Men”

  1. Did you eat cake and/or ice cream for supper? By the way, I think my favorite pic is the one that makes you look like a giant. But the first one that makes you look like a kid is a close second.

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