I saw this tonight, and I’m not ashamed to say I cried. Since Buechner says to pay attention to our tears, I will. I pray that all my family and friends, my community, my city and neighbors – myself – will know this kind of free joy, celebration, such reckless eruption of undeniable life. And I love that this was at a wedding, a moment of beginnings and beauty and goodness.

May you dance. Free. Me too.

Oh – and I love how the (slightly elder) pastor/priest was getting her groove on too. Joy is infectious.

peace – and dance.

10 Replies to “Dance.”

  1. Ellen, I think that's it – that's much of what it was that grabbed me. It wouldn't have been even close to the same if it was just one dancing.

  2. Winn, it seems over the world this has taken hold of people's hearts – I just saw it on TV in Australia!! My kids and I loved it too!

  3. i was very close winn and the only thing holding me back was that my mother in law was right next to me watching too!

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