Dave Matthews is My Farmer

Well, actually Dave is our friends Evan and Missy Hansen’s farmer, but the Hansens share their extra eggs with us, so it’s essentially the same thing. Essentially.

Dave Matthews (a local icon who got his start bartending and playing at Miller’s downtown) and his wife Ashley Harper purchased several adjoining farms a few years ago and named their venture (appropriately), “Best of What’s Around.” The farm is a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) farm, where individuals buy seasonal shares or trade working on the farm for receiving the farm’s bounty.

I don’t know how much time Dave actually spends on his farm, but I love to imagine him in overalls, with a straw hat and chewing on a long piece of golden wheat, gently caressing a turnip while he tries to read the weather. Not that I think about this stuff often, not at all.

Miska and I actually purchased a share of produce from Horse and Buggy, another local food cooperative. Horse and Buggy food comes from a local Mennonite community. So, while the Hansens have a rock idol on their side. We like to think that we have God on ours.

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  1. I found some farms I was going to pass info to you guys about this week! Must be a God coincidence. Have you heard of Goodwin Creek Farm in Afton or The Gourmet Grocery in Crozet. I dont remember where I came across the info but I was amazed at all the cooperatives in the Charlottesville area. Enjoy your fresh eggs. We love being in the ministry in a small rural town because half our pay comes in produce!

  2. Just to show how far the internet reaches I wanted to comment on your post. I am a part-time farmer and full-time teacher in Central California.

    Your premise of Christ asking as many questions as answering in intriguing. I'll have to look for the book.

    Steve in CA

  3. Dayna, yes, Cville is a fabulous place for all thinks local. I haven't heard of either of the two you mentioned, but I will have to get acquainted.

    Steve, thanks for stopping by all the way from California. You can look for the book at your favorite bookstore or Amazon of choice, I'm just saying : )

    Evan – we both know the truth.

  4. Ha! I miss that Winn wit. What are the chances of Atl having such co-ops? I'll certainly be looking into it. Thanks for the idea!

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