Easter Blessing



People of the risen and conquering Jesus, lift up your weary hearts. Lift up your sorrowed eyes — your Jesus has risen from the dead. Easter’s for real. Jesus lives. And all the dying and all the deaths that lay claim on you have been crushed by the power of Jesus Christ, the one who descended into the very bowels of hell and marched out with a victor’s dance. Rise up and live. In the name of the Father and the Son and the Spirit. Amen.

4 Replies to “Easter Blessing”

  1. Winn, Keith read your Sunday blessing at our Easter dinner table today. We had guests from near and far: Delaware, Connecticut, China. Believers, doubters, atheists. His truth spoken forth will not return void. He is risen, indeed. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Winn, your words touch places of recognition in me. They speak clearly my experiences. The Buechner quote on your site does as well. Thank you for your words and your heart. I’m a semiretired Episcopal priest and had the privilege of preaching the Easter Eve Vigil and Eucharist at St. James Bozeman MT 3/30. Due to two scary health diagnoses I fell into my soul and now live out of it. What a difference a crisis makes! A blessed Eastertide, my friend.

    1. Tom, thank you for finding me here. Montana is such a beautiful space. One of my pastoral cohorts at All Souls moved here from Bozeman. Eastertide joy to you.

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