Easter Book Conversation

The Challenge of EasterEaster is coming, thank God. In Charlottesville, spring has tempted us the past couple days – downtown and the parks have come alive. I know that Lent has not finished its work with me (does it ever, really?)

I’ve been thinking for a while about some new directions I’d like to take my blog, more on that later. However, here’s something I want to do with you right away. For Easter (remember, it’s a season, not a day – it’s 50 days, in fact), I’d like to have a conversation here on resurrection and what it might mean for us in this crazy world and life we are all finding our way through. To facilitate this, I’d like us to read a book together, The Challenge of Easter by N.T. Wright. It’s only 60-odd pages, 5 chapters we would read over 5 weeks. This book is a more digestible version of his work, The Challenge of Jesus (which is in turn a more digestible version his tome, Jesus and the Victory of God).

Here’s what I propose: each Monday of Easter, let’s gather here and discuss one of the chapters. We can react and dream and rant and laugh and basically revel in resurrection. What do you say? The best part may be this – I’ve already recruited 5 different voices to guide one of the weeks of our conversation. So, this is going to be interactive, diverse and hopefully – full of imagination. I want questions, thoughts, disappointments, fears, joy – let’s see where it takes us.

I’d love to know who is in. The book is $6, and you can read the whole thing in less than two hours. Personally, I’d like to spend as much purpose walking into Easter (life) as I have spent walking into Lent (death). So, are you in?

p.s. If 10 of you let me know (in the comment section) that you are on board, I’ll draw a name for a free copy. If 15 of you jump in by Monday, two people will get a free copy. Look for the winner Monday in the comments section.

p.s.s. If you have a blog, perhaps consider getting some of your tribe in on the conversation too.

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  1. I would be down to do this. Btw, I decided I didn't want to add twitter into my social network experience, it would be neat to see some of your tweets about Lent.


  2. Mozartspeaks: I hear you on Twitter, and I will post some more this week, good idea.

    So, we have 10 now, just a few more so we can give away 2 copies.

  3. "I'd like to spend as much purpose walking into Easter (life) as I have spent walking into Lent (death)"

    Me too.

  4. Andrew and Tmamome: you both have a copy of _The Challenge of Easter_ headed your way.

    Please send me your address (winn [at] winncollier.com) and I'll shoot it off to you.

    Make sure to join in with us on the discussion.

    All: we will read the first chapter for the first Monday of Easter (April 5th). Then we will convene here and see what stirs.

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