8 Replies to “Still Time for a Free Copy of N.T. Wright’s Easter Book”

  1. I am in! Ordering my book tonight, so you dont need to count me in for the free copy. When do we start?

  2. Dayna, we will discuss the first chapter the first Monday of Easter.

    So, we have 10 now, only a few more to give away 2 copies.

  3. I know, I can't believe you haven't had more comments either! We are pursuing a couple of different avenues to make this season much more meaningful, would be very interested in reading this book.

  4. Winn, I would love to join in, but my crazy reading list leaves no room this season. Maybe towards the end of the easter season (once my semester is over) I can jump on board.

  5. Andrew and Tmamome: you both have a copy of _The Challenge of Easter_ headed your way.

    Please send me your address (winn [at] winncollier.com) and I'll shoot it off to you.

    Make sure to join in with us on the discussion.

    All: we will read the first chapter for the first Monday of Easter (April 5th). Then we will convene here and see what stirs.

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