Miska’s new blog design has gone live. Yes, I’m her biggest fan. Yes, I will chatter on about Miska a lot – and often mention her blog and her soul and her wisdom and her mad cooking skills (if you haven’t had the infamous chocolate chip cookies or the banana blueberry muffins, you really need to drop by and ask for some) and her rich heart and her wild prayers and the plain ol’ fact that God was most kind in giving me Miska as a soulmate.

I imagine God on Miska’s and my wedding day, grinning at me and saying, “She’s somethin’, huh?”

Needless to say, I think Miska has important things to say, words we need to hear. And I think anyone who encounters her heart will be the better for it. Her blog posts have been spread too thin in recent months (I mean, it’s not like we’ve had upheaval at the Collier house or anything), and I’m hoping that the coming of spring will signal fresh life stirring over in her corner of the blog world.

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