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I want to be a friend where those close to me feel no fear to share shameful things or express potentially combustible disagreements. I want to be the kind of friend with whom others are at ease, where they sense no need to choose their words cautiously, or be on guard, or be “right.”

I want to be a friend who can receive with openness and curiosity another’s half-baked ideas and uncomfortable questions and untamed grief and raucous laughter–maybe all in the same afternoon, throwing all my own convolutions into the mix. I want to be a friend who adds (rather than depletes) energy, a friend where conversation never really ends, navigating silence as easily as words. I want to be the friend that others call, whether they’ve lost themselves in the bottle or hit the mother lode, with no concern that they’ll meet judgment or envy.

I want to be this kind of friend, and I’m grateful to have a few friends like this as well.

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  1. I have one friend like this. She and I (45years) daily conversations. She is my greatest gift. My Dad was this to me as well. I know he is in Heaven listening because he was a world class friend.

  2. This is so well written! As I read it I can humbly say that God has granted me to become a friend like most of what you have said but am still work in progress..and yes Am alao privileged to have those who I can laugh, cry or be silly with..its kept me grounded. I thank God for these friends.

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