Ulises Ruiz

Even if I speak hard truth to all I’m certain need to hear it, even if I speak words so piercing and timely that angels wish they’d said it, even if I’m convinced I’m doing prophet’s work, but I don’t have love—love that trembles, love that weeps, love that refuses to give up hope for those who seem hopeless—my searing, soaring words are just clanging cymbals. Just noise, noise—obnoxious, painful noise.

God, make our words healing and hopeful, true and tender. May they kindle fire that burns away the lies, even as it warms the soul. May our words be beauty–and not noise. Amen.

2 Replies to “Noise”

  1. Thank You for shepherding our hearts once again with the true, unadulterated, life-giving Word suffused with such Grace……….I cannot even begin to express how timely and sword-piercing and needed these Spirit-empowered Words are for me at this moment. Shalom over you and your family today

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