Give Us Your Joy

If someone has loved you well or helped you remember the things we must remember, if someone’s voice has pulled you through the fog or if their words have landed true, if someone has shown courage – or kindled your courage, if someone has stuck around or concocted beauty or reminded you to laugh, if someone has joined you in your wake, cursing your isolation or your demons, if someone has taught you when to listen generously and when to walk past fools, if someone has been a lover or a friend — tell them.

And tell them often. We all need to hear the goodness that’s in us. Don’t hold back; don’t cache your words or the innocence and hope they carry. Don’t be timid with your enthusiasm. We need all the light we can get in this world – don’t you dare veil any of yours. Heave whatever you have upon our shoulders, and let us feel the weight of your joy.

image: bartimaeus

4 Replies to “Give Us Your Joy”

  1. I've begun the year with a study of Joy and this Winn was a well placed word at just the right moment. Thank you.

  2. Thank you for the reminder to not hold back. I've been pondering lately how much damage is done when we withhold our voice, choose not to speak or act — our silence may end up speaking louder than our worst words.

    You Winn have spoken much life into me, have sat with me in my doubts, asked the questions that cut right to my heart. You have shown me what it means to offer your sons grace, to laugh harder than I cry, and to hold fast to the hand of God when the world grows dark.

    Peace to you friend.

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