Summer Play

Friends, I want to play more this summer, as you do I’m sure. More space for the wild things, for the small things. I’ll be more whimsical on my writing schedule during the summer months. You might be able to catch me down by the river, but come quietly – and bring a beverage.


gone fishin

2 Replies to “Summer Play”

  1. I’d be honored to share a Diet Moxie with you – fresh from Maine. Or perhaps you’d like to come up to our favorite “fishing hole” – Delta Lake State Park here in New York. After 4 days there, you know you are where you need to be. No phone. No TV. No radio. No computer. Just you. Your family. The Lord. Alone. Together. They really have fishing holes like that in Virginia? Jeremy

    1. Sounds delightful. We have a few spots like that, though I’ll admit the fishing deal is more of a metaphor for me. I’m prone more to the hammock near the river.

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