We have seen history today. I really have little to say. But I am thankful that we live in the generation that has taken this strong step against our evil racist history. The journey is not finished, but we have traveled many miles. No matter your vote in November, this is a beautiful thing.

Prayers for healing and restoration,

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  1. Agreed. I’ve been reading a book, “Enough – The Phony Leaders, Dead-End Movements, and Culture of Failure That Are Undermining Black America — and What We Can Do About It”, by Juan Williams. Juan is a black man, who is senior correspondent for NPR (National Public Radio), and also commentator for Fox News. Check it out. Educational. Very good read!

  2. I too am happy that race is not a barrier to the presidency. However, the content of President Obama’s character leaves some things to be desired on key issues, like the lives of the unborn. His moves in the first week of his administration are not heartening to Christians who care deeply for government that seeks to do justly.

    We should continue to pray that God changes his heart, grants him the gift of repentance on this matter, and moves him to be courageous and defy his party’s pro-choice base to take steps to restrict abortion and promote a culture of life.

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