Holy Curiosity

This, my friends, is an exciting day. Today, I’m giddy because I am able to unveil to you the cover for my new book, Holy Curiosity: Encountering Jesus’ Provocative Questions. I’m excited about this book. Though it follows a different style, it is in some respects a sequel to Restless Faith. In Restless, I allowed myself space for brutal honesty about some of my questions for God. In Holy Curiosity, I interact with the strange sensation I met when I discovered that God had a few questions for me.

Touring Jesus’ many conversations, I was intrigued with how many times, rather than offering answers or launching instructions, Jesus posed a friend or a stranger a question. Often, too, the question was not merely some rhetorical device but it was asked because Jesus was genuinely curious what was in someone’s soul.

Jesus with questions? God in the flesh – curious?

I’ll be sharing more about the book along the way. Baker won’t release it until the Fall, and so you might actually get tired of hearing about it. I’ll have some plans for how to purchase it so we can get the most impact on its release day. Stay tuned.

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  1. Wow… It sounds like this’ll be a great book for where I’m at right now. I was a philosophy guy before I was a Christ follower. Once I “discovered” Jesus one of the things I was amazed by is that he’s got a better grip on the “Socratic” method than Socrates ever did!!! One of the things I’ve been noticing as I ponder this is how often Jesus’ questions shock the reader and his audience into the realization that the background assumptions they were operating from lack imagination and courage. Jesus questions so often nudge us toward something so much greater than we expected for ourselves… I’m really looking foreward to hearing more.

  2. flying in the face of many dire warnings against judging a book by it’s cover, i am going to put this one on the “best books of our generation” list. love the title, love the art, love the writer!
    Congratulations on (what will surely be) a great book!

  3. i can’t wait, winn…love the cover, love the idea, love it. i’m also assuming i’ll get an autographed copy….

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