Last Sunday and a Letter

Today was such a strange mixture of joy and sadness. We said goodbye to our church community, DCF. The whole morning was full of tears and hope, gratitude and remembering. Seth summed up his emotions Friday when he told me, “Daddy, I don’t mind going. I just don’t want to leave.” That’s says it about right.

This morning was my last time to teach @ DCF. I didn’t want to dig in to a text, didn’t have it in me. So, I shared a pastoral letter for the church I love. If you are interested, you can read it here.

4 Replies to “Last Sunday and a Letter”

  1. thanks winn — my life and many others are changed because of the service you and stuart and nathan gave to the people we call dcf.

  2. you couldn’t have said any of this more beautifully. thank you – for so much – but especially for always speaking from your heart. john and i can’t wait to bring henry to visit the collier family and see what else God is up to.

  3. It is amazing how, even 6 years after leaving, your letter speaks to my reality of DCF. There is loss and a period of mourning for each and every person who leaves DCF and has to brave the world in search of a new fellowship and new community. I’ve found bits and pieces along the way and it is so exciting to say that as we grow and change, so can the church. We are being blessed at our new church here in Valdese, NC. I know that you, Miska and the kids are going to be incredibly blessed in Virginia. I cant wait to see what God does at DCF under a new pastor and what God does with the Colliers in Virginia. All strength and courage be yours for the journey. You certainly have our prayers, Dayna

  4. awesome letter. I'm sure the church & community appreciated it. I understand how leaving & transition is dificult, but necessary for God's plan. Hope all goes well for you family & the church community you're leaving.

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