I’ve gone urban. Sort of.

Last Friday, we moved to Charlottesville, Virginia – and this town has it goin’ on. Like a true urbanite, this week I’ve commuted to UVA via bike twice and on foot to downtown three times. I’ve snagged the transit schedule (a bus stop is half a block from our house) and lugged two pieces of IKEA furniture up multiple flights of stairs into our abode. If that doesn’t make me a city dweller, I don’t know what would.

I am so enamored with biking to work that I now greedily eye the saddle bags of every biker I see on the road. I’m getting me some, if I can just figure out what I actually need and how to find them cheap. Craigslist has been no help, but good news: Performance Bike is in town with their 10% off Tuesdays.

Now Cville is no urban metropolis, I will admit. The DCF diaspora has sent friends to Denver, Nashville, Richmond, Charleston, Seattle – admittedly, all more urban than our new home. But this town has a very legit funky vibe. I mean, two friends went to see B.B. King downtown tonight for crying out loud. This city has already captured me. Much more to come.

Walking down 5th Street the other day, I saw an elderly man with this caption across his t-shirt: “Step back and let Jesus do what he do.” What’s not to love?

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  1. Glad you’re loving Cville! Indeed, I am already missing it. Please let me know when things get started up.. I would love to take the 2 hour drive up to see how things are progressing 🙂

  2. I’m jealous of numerous things: biking to work, the artistic vibe of the town, and the presence of any sort of culture other than suburbia surrounding you. I’m really excited for you and can’t wait to come visit.


  3. Winn, that sounds amazing. As much as we miss you in SC, this just feels right for the Colliers. I’m glad you’re enjoying it so much already. Can’t wait to check it out myself!

    Peace, brother.

  4. “Diaspora.” Nice.

    The deep undercurrent of God’s plans and desires for the Colliers in Charlottesville is evident and inspiring. I won’t say I’m not jealous. We are so very excited for you guys. Good things are coming.

    Give my regards to Baby King next time he’s in town.

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