Make the World Beautiful: Autumn Film

For the next installment of our make the world beautiful collection, here’s another recommendation (introduced to me by Rob Johnson): The Autumn Film. I’ve just begun listening to them, but there is a rich texture to their music that makes me want to listen longer, more intently. Something there reminds me of one of my favorite bands, Over the Rhine, with perhaps a little Snow Patrol or Coldplay thrown in.

Best of all, they are giving away 3 separate EPs right now, 11 songs in total – and the video for “Joy,” well, you’ll just have to give it a watch. I’m not sure if I’ve ever heard something so haunting and original done to an old Sunday School tune. In fact, the only reinterpretations I’ve heard that compare to this are from my friend Tom Conlon.

Enjoy the beauty.

3 Replies to “Make the World Beautiful: Autumn Film”

  1. Really really like the video. Thanks for the post but Isn't that the same song done by Page CXVI? Same arrangement and the voice sounds the same to me at least.

  2. you know, I hadn't heard the Page CXVI version – but just listened to it, and yes, it sounds the same to me. Maybe she collaborated for Page CXVI as well??

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