Matt King

For all of Matt’s community at DCF and all of Matt’s community here in Charlottesville at All Souls and Eunoia, we remember this:

We do not mourn as those who have no hope. Because of Jesus’ death and resurrection, death has been refused the final word. Matt’s final hours were spent serving @ The Haven, a homeless shelter where All Souls serves breakfast each Monday. He was always there, smiling and ready to work and love all around him.

Death is swallowed up in victory. {the apostle paul}

Do not abandon yourselves to despair. We are easter people, and hallelujah is our song. {pope john paul}

~You can enjoy Matt’s excelllent photography here.
~Information on the memorial service in Charlottesville is here.
~The funeral will be in Summerville, SC on Saturday @ 11

If you would like to leave a memory or a prayer, feel free. We will collect them and get them to Matt’s parents and brother.

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  1. Winn,

    Thank you for posting this. I've been searching the internet at irregular intervals since I found out yesterday, finding only places where charlottesville's petty politics seem to be reigning supreme.

    I'm commenting as a friend of Matt's from the UVA math department. Matt was a cheerful, well liked, and all around wonderful presence in Kerchof. Whether it was by his bright yellow shirts (which occasionally disconcertingly matched his bright yellow moleskins, much to my dismay and his perfect aplomb), his good humored nature, his willingness to play along with the less than stellar jokes of his fellow grad students, or even his long red hair (which one student referred to as lustrous locks, I believe), Matt made kerchof a better place to be.

    My thoughts are with his family, and I would like to assure that Matt will be missed.

  2. I did not know Matt, but as a mother I am weeping and grieving for his family. As a believer I am rejoicing that he is with his King.

    Prayers to all who knew and loved Matt.

  3. Winn, thanks for your post. While I knew Matt, it was only for a brief time; such is the life in the DCF community, you get to see glimpses of people and then they are gone, to other places and new paths, but one thing that stands out for me is that Matt was a servant. In fact, I had the pleasure of serving with him one Saturday at Clemson Comm Care as we packed food bags to be given out to those in need; I recognize that same smile from your photo, that day; and if I'm not mistaken, he departed Clemson within 2 days after that, so just like the other day, he was serving his neighbors right up until he moved on to a new home! May God give your AllSouls family and Matt's family great peace, comfort and strength.

  4. Its so funny how I got to know Matt King, I met him first in Greenville at the Handle Bar 3 years ago where he taught me some awesome swing dance moves. After that summer its like he was everywhere! I discovered he went to DCF where I had just started going the semester before. Then he became involved with The Navigators where I was actively involved. Then I got involved with Church on Riggs and of course there Matt was. So through all these facets of life we began to get to know each other more and more. He was definitely one of the most unique individuals I have ever known and I loved him for that. He was always fun to be around whether we were swing dancing, doing crazy scavenger hunts, on long road trips to new york in back, or just hanging out at Church on Riggs. I am deeply saddened that Matt is gone but his memory will stay with me until I see him in heaven one day. To Matt's family, I just want you to know that you son reached so many people even in the short 23 years he was alive and he will continue to inspire people through those of use who share the stories of his life to those who did not know him. The passage that helped me through the loss of my father, is Psalm 23:4–Even in the deepest darkest places of life, God is still there to comfort us. I pray it will bring you comfort as well and may you find Peace from Christ that surpasses all understanding.

  5. I had the incredible honor of meeting Matt one night when our church (First Baptist of Charlottesville) was serving dinner to the UVA kids at the Baptist Student Center this winter. He walked in that night with a huge smile and I knew immediately, "That kid's got Jesus." I sat across from him at dinner and I remember how interesting of a person I thought he was, brilliant and so talented. And what a smile and incredibly unique red hair. Although I was able to meet Matt only one time, he left a very memorable impression, and I will never forget that particular evening. I remember leaving that night thinking, "What a bright young guy who loves the Lord. His parents must be so proud of him." My deepest sympathies and prayers go out to you and your family during this season of grieving. May you be comforted by our great King in a way no human can do. Trusting that you know there are many, many people praying for you all in Charlottesville.

  6. I am just reading about Matt, who I have never met, & my heart is aching at the loss of such a unique and incredible person – so obviously bursting with life and amazing potential – to the world, and after so short a time!

    The thought that leaves me with hope is that Matt had obviously given all that amazing life and potential to something he knew was much greater.

    My prayers are with you all, & especially Matt's family. May God's love surround you and give you peace.

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