Not Much Changes

boys on tubes at Carolina Beach
Watching our boys from the shore, as they gathered their courage for the ride into the wall of waves, these words came. For my boys, for me, for my friend John. For all of us who must brave a life unknown.


Two boys atop rubber tubes
Point into wild waves —
Eager, and a little afraid.
Not much changes over thirty,
Or seventy, years.

9 Replies to “Not Much Changes”

  1. After the whole experience preceding your trip, what a joy to see a beach picture, a for-real, in-the-sea beach picture of your family!

    And the poem, too…nice.

  2. I’m getting ready to take on the leadership of our local church. I’m filled with anticipation. I’m utterly terrified. I’m not the “John” you reference, but it felt like it was written for me.

    1. perhaps you were one of the “Johns,” sounds like you must have been. peace as you ride into the unknown…

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