Pet Peeves

I’m going to list a few of my random pet peeves here. Perhaps this will be a recurring post, we’ll see. I would push myself into the proverbial corner by making some brash commitment about this theme returning, but…being pushed into a corner is most definitely one of my all-time pet peeves.

(and by the way, isn’t that just a fun word to say: peeves. Try it, now. Out loud. Yes, even you, Amy who is admirably conscientous about how you use your work time. Okay, slow and loud, let it just roll of the tongue. Here we go … P-e-e-v-e-s. Fun, isn’t it? Wyatt and Seth like to say it, though they typically leave out the “v” and always chuckle really hard afterwards.)

So, just a few peeves. And I do apologize if you participate in these activities. I’m sure I annoy you as well.

+Slow, turtle-like people at the self-checkout line at the grocery store

+People perfecting their turtle behavior at the self-checkout line because they are talking on their cell phone

+Turtle people at the aforementioned checkout line chatting away on that blasted machine attached to their ear and ignoring my intensifying glare

+The word anywho (most often – and for reasons I have yet to comprehend – used in place of “anyhow”). I don’t entirely know why I find this grating, but, at a minimum, it makes me feel like I’m trapped in a Dr. Seuss tale.

+Facebook invitations asking me to join a snowball fight or become a pirate or go on an Easter egg hunt or plant a geranium in their (virtual) garden

+Spellcheckers that do not recognize “facebook” or “incarnational” or “missional” or, can you believe it, “spellchecker”

What are a few of your pet peeves? If it’s anything I participate in, I reserve the editorial perogative to delete your comment : ) [darn, I know smiley faces will be on somebody’s list, it’s gotta be…]

4 Replies to “Pet Peeves”

  1. I don’t like when people say “Question” and then wait for an acknowledgment before asking. I can tell by intonation and sentence structure what a questions is – please, don’t ask. But anywho, no one is going to change.

    Smacking or any mouth noises.

  2. i hate horn honking. i believe that they very rarely do any good for trafficking society, and more often are just plain obnoxious. this is because when i hear a horn i automatically think that i’m either about to run over someone, or someone is about to run over me. my next move is to slam on my brakes and look around anxiously for the imminent danger. this is dangerous because more often than not, its someone saying a casual hello to their friend somewhere in the vicinity of 20-feet. i once had a friend who liked to reach over and honk my horn while i was driving, usually at someone crossing the parking lot at bi-lo or some other utterly obnoxious setting like that. few things make me angrier.

  3. Very funny man…I like all of those. Many of mine also have to do with cell phones, particularly those wireless headsets. I love it when you think someone is talking to you only to find out they have one of those things attached to their ear. I also love it when people just walk around with one on their ear all of the time. I mean come on, are all of your phone calls really that important!? Time and place. A lot of my other ones have to do with the way people drive…not using blinkers, tailgating, not knowing how to merge etc.

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