Sabbaticals and Tupperware

Two amazing things happened today. First, our family began our sabbatical. All Souls knows the importance of tending to body and spirit (something far too rare in churches these days) and after every six years of pastoral service, our community provides three-months for renewal, creativity, rest and joy. There will be lots of playing, reading, writing, loafing, eating, hiking – lots of laughter and tomfoolery. I won’t be completely absent here, but I also will not feel beholden to my normal weekly schedule. Let’s be whimsical.

Second, today I heard how a fella named Chris Anderson dresses up in 5-inch polkadot heels and a blue apron, dons the persona of crass Southern bell Dixie Longate and charges $40 for tickets to her Tupperware parties. People pay $40 to go to a Tupperware party. Anything’s possible, folks. Anything’s possible.


2 Replies to “Sabbaticals and Tupperware”

  1. Enjoy your time…the rest of this post just makes me scratch my head; not sure if its the $40.00 or the polka dot heels…in a word…YIKES.
    I LOVE the word ‘tomfoolery’ an older word not used much in this technological age…thanks for bringing it back on this Monday anyway.


  2. I recieved your books and I’m into “Holy Curiosity”, well done. You’ve definitely struck a cord, I’m hooked and reading on. Glad your taking your sabbatical hope you all have a wonderful restful time. You are working on your next book aren’t you?? And, no I wouldn’t pay to go to a tupperware party especially by a man dressed in poka dot shoes, he needs some help!
    Grace to you

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