She Would Always Come

We went to Wyatt and Seth’s school tonight for the Reading Cafe. Wyatt’s teacher, Mr. Bow (who is a rock star in Wyatt’s eyes – and not far behind that with Miska and me), had each kid record a poem they had written. When I heard Wyatt’s voice, well, I don’t think I can describe it.

The last paragraph tells a million stories. Wyatt has struggled much with fear, particularly this past year. We’ve been with him, held him, slept by his bed (and in his bed – and him by our bed) many nights. We’ve gotten frustrated, reached – and been pushed over (far over) – our limit, yelled more than we should.

But there it was in print, that last line – “She would always come.” You wonder if your kids ever know how much they are loved, if they have any idea of the tenacity of your devotion for them and your commitment to all things good for them. You wonder if they know that they can relax in this world because our heart is on guard for them, all the time, every moment. Miska choked down a few tears tonight, listening in on the gift Wyatt gave her (and us).

“I guess he gets it,” Miska said. I guess he does.

Burning Silver and Gold

My mom told me I was born in the night
When I was walking up the wall
Her blood was my blood and
Her food was my food.
I was soaking in the sweet dreams,
Sleeping in the hospital.
The next morning
I was an inch taller and
I was growing…

My eyes were a burning silver and gold.

The next night I had a nightmare,
I called, “Mamma.”
She would always come.

10 Replies to “She Would Always Come”

  1. beautiful words.

    i'm stunned that a young boy wrote them. i find myself completely drawn into the world he paints and the security he describes. just beautiful.

  2. Clearly he has his father's and mother's sense for words. I can only hope that someday Tivon will have such a beautiful message to share in his own sweet expression. What a gift you all are to each other.

  3. oh wow. absolutely precious, winn. already so insightful at such a young age. kids will never cease to amaze me. i love it!

  4. I'd say read that at the next All Souls gathering, chase it with an "amen" and then everybody go for bar-b-que.

    Yes…that our children know we will come when they call…beautiful…

  5. Wow. Not only is that a beautiful thing for parents to hear — and for anyone to feel — those are INCREDIBLE words. You've got quite the poet!

  6. That's beautiful. A gift exposed. Happy you guys are training him to use it for the One who gave it! Smiling 🙂

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