The Talk-o-Meter. It’s an app that tracks who monopolizes a conversation. God help us if Miska ever got a hold of this at our house …. Thankfully, she eschews most technology and rolls her eyes at words like “app.”

Wouldn’t it be fun to just set this running at the beginning of a lunch with a friend who never lets you get a word in edgewise, who pauses only to catch their breath and lives oblivious to how they suck the air out of a room? You could simply let the lunch unfold, per the norm. Then, near the end, push the phone to the middle of the table and wait for their question…

What’s that?

2 Replies to “Talk-o-Meter”

  1. My concern is that it would show how much of the time I am talking. I would definitely be the blue in the above example.

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