That was Quick

Well, It didn’t last long. Twitter: not so much. I’m not knocking it for others, but it’s not my kind of gig. I think I still have a little too much cultural orneriness – for instance, I’m bemoaning the slow death of newspapers and hardback books.

I wiggled my toes in the water, but … it’s just overload. I don’t need more reasons to live my life with the jitters (I mean, the twitters). I don’t need to have any more reasons to be distracted. You can’t have much of a conversation with 140 characters – and really, do any of you care to know where am I or what dumb thought I’m thinking at any given freakin’ moment? I doubt it – and if you do, email me. I’ll be happy to tell you.

Besides, Miska said I was sleeping on the counch until I was Twitter-free : )

I probably won’t delete my account (though I will be deleting it from my phone), but if anyone waits to hear from me via Twitter, I’m guessing you’re going to get mostly silence.

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  1. update (as if you care): so, I’m not entirely twitter-free, but will only use it for occasional status updates, aka facebook. It’s even integrated.

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