The Blessing over Mom’s Resting Place

mom's stone of blessing

We buried my mom today, and a craftsman chiseled this blessing into the stone that greets you as you enter the grounds. This blessing reminds us that this soil, like all God’s earth, is hallowed. I am so thankful for my mom’s life. We have now returned my mother to God’s care and her body to the earth, where God’s very ground will cover her and surround her with the fullness of love.

The Spirit of God is around you
In the air that you breathe
And his glory in the light
That you see
And in the fruitfulness
Of the earth and the joy
Of its creation
He has written for you day by day
His revelation
He has granted you day by day
Your daily bread

12 Replies to “The Blessing over Mom’s Resting Place”

  1. Winn I have prayed that Our Lord And Savior give you and your Family STRENGTH. May He continue to Bless You and Your Family… She will always be for ever in our Hearts, Thank YOU For Sharing

  2. I grew up at Lavon Drive Baptist. I have wonderful memories of your beautiful mom. I am saddened for y’all but know a reunion is coming.

  3. Thank you for sharing with us in the midst of your loss. You have my sympathy and prayers as you re-arrange your world without your mom in it.

  4. Oh Winn,
    This is so beautiful.
    I pray for comfort and peace to wrap around you like a blanket.
    I have lost so many loved ones in the last 15 years, this has truly minstered to me, if that is some encouragement.
    May God be the lifter of your head for you and your family.

  5. Dear Winn,
    I pray that God’s peace and comfort would be with you and your family. I experienced the same loss 11 months ago, and can empathize well. I rejoice because I know where Mom
    is. Praise be to Jesus!

  6. What a lovely place for your mom to await the Lord’s return. (When my folks and brother died, I had the oddest sensation, like the funeral was more wedding, like they were already resurrected, like time was bending around.) Our pastor used to say that your loved one is in Christ and you are in Christ, so neither of you is very far away from each other. Wishing you much comfort and some good, bittersweet tears during this time of grief.

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