5 Replies to “Torture”

  1. I saw that article too. I don’t know why but it didn’t shock me. I guess I was thinking the study only polled Americans, and supporting torture just seemed to go along with the brand of Republicanism so common in white evangelical circles. I can see the Robertson/Falwell/et al crowd falling in line with Bush on it. It is tragic.

  2. If our ultimate goal is to gain information from a person, why not use a less physical method and use drugs? Imagine no mess to clean up say like after a waterboarding session. Just give them a good dose, sit them in an easy chair and bring your steno notebook. You could even make it more pleasant for all with some good music. Like with rape, behind it all, is a desire for power and control.

  3. Anon: Imagine no mess to clean up say like after a waterboarding session? These people ENJOY this stuff; they’re not looking for an easier way to do it. Just longer and more severe. It’s very sad.

  4. Rev Colson’s logic is flawed. Unless he is referencing a higher authority as an emperor or a papacy, the the higher authority or the law in this country is a reflection of its people. It is, after all, our representatives and the judges that we put in a position of representation that make our law. If Rev Colson wants to continue with this logic then we should be contently compliant to the lawful execution of abortion, the lawful execution of assisted suicide, the lawful execution of gay marriage, the lawful use of federal funds to support stem cell research and use, etc.

  5. Maybe the reason behind this is that much of “christianity” these days is more about politics than about Christ.

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