Toward the New

And we begin again.

When the calendar turns, we do not erase what was; but, gathering the wisdom from the scuffs as well as the shining moments, we move beyond, forward. We learn from our mistakes. We remember and adjust. We take joy in all the laughter and love we have known in past days. We gather ourselves for the good we hope will come. And it will. Good will come.

Of course, everything we experience won’t be good – and some things that we’re certain aren’t good actually will be. Funny how that happens. But good awaits you. In some form. In some surprising place. Even now, good is waiting for you.

If your year past has been filled with failure or pain, do not despise it. There are years yet for the God of kindness to craft something of it. If your year past has been a coup of joy, savor it. Don’t hold it too tightly – it isn’t yours to possess. But savor it for the gift it is.

Either way, the new begins again. Not a negation of the past – no, even better: a creative remaking. A beginning. Again.


If you don’t know the writer Robert Benson, you should. He offered a gift of words for the New Year. I hope you’ll have the joy of receiving them.

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  1. Indeed, again! 2010 was a year of profound grief and deep, intimate spiritual joy in Jesus. It was undoubtedly the most difficult, and most spiritually blessed year of my life.

    Not sure I'm ready for quite that much character building in 2011, but He is sovereign, faithful and we have found His grace is, indeed, sufficient. His ways are higher than our ways, and His strength surrounds us.

    We pray for faithfulness in events that are astoundingly pleasant as well as those that arrive in great difficulty. Yes, Good HAS come, is coming, and for all who believe, is eternal! PTL! Happy New Year!

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