Turtle Walking

Turtle has just one plan
at a time, and every cell
buys into it

                  {Kooser and Harrison}

This morning, I grabbed Miska tight and wished her happy anniversary. We've been married 5,280 days. We've navigated rough waters. We've know love's rapture but also love's weight. We've had to fight for one another, to keep reaching through the haze and disappointment. We've had to resist hiding — and other times we've had to pull the other out of hiding. It's not lost on me that 5,280 is the number of feet in a mile. Our marriage has walked a mile now. A slow and steady road, one foot in front of the other. 5,280 times. 

And with each step, the one thing is love. We've taken our cue from the turtle.

I believe that most things in life, things worth anything at least, require this steady plodding. I can't say who I'll be or where I'll be a decade from now, but I'll find myself getting there after a mile of steps. As I give myself to each step, I'll find that moment — that very moment, not one future or one past — containing life, the life that is now, the life that the entire mile previous has led me to. I want to give myself, every cell, to that moment. To that person walking with me.


8 Replies to “Turtle Walking”

  1. A very happy anniversary to you two cool cats…that husband/wife love is a beautiful thing, maybe the most beautiful of all.

    And to lead off a post w/Kooser and Harrison? Brings tears to my eyes…

  2. Happy anniversary, Winn, and thank you for this visual for us to carry along on each step of our own journeys: Turtles, plodding along faithfully, giving themselves to each step without worrying about the ones that have passed or the ones they have yet to take.

  3. Hey Winn…
    Congrats to you and Miska! Lori and I are going to celebrate 21 yrs on April 21. We too have experienced rough waters, love’s rapture, and love’s weight. But I couldn’t imagine taking those steps with anyone else.
    Thank you for bringing to life the word God gives you. It is always a blessing to read.

    1. Thanks, CJ. Our 15th is Sept 20 (this was just the 5,280 day one – today is 5,282 : ). I’m with you. It’s a rare gift to be married to our soul mates. Good to hear from you.

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