Upon the Birthday of a Most Amazing Woman

Many waters cannot quench love, the wise Solomon said. But, oh how they try. The waters of disappointment and fatigue and loss. The swell of years and arguments and learning that the other is not all we might have imagined. 

The tides rise with kids and careers, homes and travels. And, of course, the tides recede with stretches of time where we’ve lost our bearings, where we feel like strangers and wonder if we’ll ever find our way back. In fact, I’m not sure if Solomon tells the whole story. I’ve seen more than a few marriages drown in a deluge. It’s a sorrowful sight – and when I encounter it, particularly with friends, it’s always a punch in the gut.

But I know a most amazing woman, one who has weathered many waves with me. And our love has not been quenched. Far, far from it. Today, I celebrate a woman I admire and adore with my whole heart. The world has been graced with her beauty for thirty-eight years now, and she has left the mark of love wherever she has wandered.

She loves intently, speaks solidly. She’s truly one of the most courageous people I know. She’s brave enough to own the power of her tears in a world where tears often invite scorn. She has the strength to say no and the grace to oh-so-often say yes. I’m thankful she said yes to me.

Happy birthday, amazing woman. Happy birthday, Miska.

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